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By the age of five he had toured Mexico and by seven he had toured Europe.
And, became known as The Chopin of Mexico....
Clipping and News Articles reflecting his music career are below.

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Orlando Otey was recognized as a child prodigy and toured Mexico at age 5.  He toured Spain, France and England by age 7.
Orlando Otey, born on February 1, 1925,  performed his first concert at age 4.

When he was just 14 he had composed his first piano concerto, already having completed a list of  compositions.

At the age of 15 while on tour in Mexico giving programs of his own compositions that included several mazurkas, nocturnes and etudes, Otey was heralded as The Chopin of Mexico by critics and the press.  Not only was his playing of Romantic music remarkable, his own works were taken by many to be compositions of Chopin, some critics quipping they were works that Chopin forgot to write.

By age 17 he had he had become the youngest faculty member at the University of Mexico teaching piano and composition.

He lead the Grupo Coral de Los Cursos Nocturnos at the Bellas Artes in Mexico City in 1944 (age 19).

Excélsior Newspaper on May 27, 1946

"Mexico has the honor to have the youngest pianist in the world" 


".. this young man is a very talented and fine composer."

To the right is the first page of Orlando Otey's
Sonata Tenochtitlán completed in 1948

"...his gift is decidedly impressive."  THE EVENING BULLETIN (1948)

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