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Known as the Chopin of Mexico, he gave his first concerts at age 4.
Clipping and News Articles reflecting his music career are below.

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Orlando Otey was interviewed by several media sources (radio, television and newspaper) in Mexico, the US, England, and several countries in Europe through the 1950's.








In 1954 the Wissahickon Symphony Orchestra under Louis Vyner performed the premiere of the Poética with Benita Valente as soprano soloist. 
In 1956 the Lancaster Symphony presented the premiere of Otey's Symphonia Brevé  under conductor Louis Vyner, who had requested a symphonic work.  The last movement of this work is the orchestral rendition of his already exciting piano composition, Alacrán.



Orlando Otey served as Executive Director of the Wilmington Music School from 1968 to 1970, during which time he implemented numerous improvements at the school, such as focuses on classical, jazz  and new music activities through workshops.

His piano performing career continued during this time and beyond.

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